Boy Wonder & Two – Rock X Soul VS Cocaine Flow

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Don’t let the names fool you, these MCs are bringing bars right to your dome piece like a coked up James Harrison. From what I can tell both MCs are current Tampa residents putting in quality work and you know if they’re on Rapmullet their on the come up.

“Your I.Q. is low but I know my flow is stupid’er”. Boy Wonder runs thru punch lines on Cocaine Flow. I’m fucking with that beat tho, shit left the rear view trembling. Skai Hai got that electro feel to it but it’s the bounce that got me open. Two reminds me of Lil Wayne voice wise but he was shinning on I Go For Mine and he dropped a couple jewels. I loved how they flipped Tupac on the hook for Passin By Ballin’. Gotta be the most polished track on the project to me and Two killed it. You know I love me a good mixtape flip and Boy Wonder went in on I Wanna Rock but that Monster Freestyle wasn’t working for me. The bars were tight like squirrel vagina but that beat is ehhhhh. The flip he did own was Never Went To College. That’s how you own a classic beat while getting some shit off your chest. The Mack grew on me. Can’t front, shit annoyed at first but the hook and Two showcasing the witty flow…it worked.

Looking at the project as a whole Boy Wonder and Two really only rhyme together on 3 tracks. The rest is them trading songs. I think they work as a group tho. The voices play off each other well especially on the right production. There’s potential there, you can hear it. Flows are straight. You can hear they’re well practiced. Content is there too as they both getting some life lessons in the bars. You need that balance and they got it. I would have liked to hear the project actually mixed properly by a DJ to highlight the music that much more. Potential is there tho. We’ll see how far they can take it.