Brandi Garcia – I’m Dat Bitch! 3

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The unsigned artist mixtape series of 2006 is back with I’m Dat Bitch 3. Shout out to Brandi Garcia for her Justo win, best female mixtape DJ. This is the H-Town edition of the series so I’m anticipating some lyrical Cadillac music from a female perspective. Props to the Hoffa Administration for establishing a go to mixtape series for unsigned artists.

” I got Bobby by the pound / Whitney by the key / DJ Screw by the gallon / bitch the game belong to me.” Sugar got an ill hook, that shit had me feeling good man. She got a lil skill on the MIC, I’d be lying if I said Sugar didn’t say some shit. Surreall was keeping it real on that “Push It” freestyle. I mean this chic was going in on the MIC while spittin’ game about the muic biz; shit was fly. Candi Redd got that flow man. This chic, true to form was “mis-treating the beat” as she said in the “Dammit Man” freestyle. Damn…not only can she flow she spit some knowledge too. Thats a lethal combo and her overall MIC skills is better than 75% of these dudes out here. I was diggin’ Troublesum but I don’t think the beat for “Nitty Gritty” fit her style that well. I like where Icey was going with “Ain’t Neva”. Sound quality aside this is one of the only other chics on here to get some what introspective with the content.

I’m not saying chics ain’t out there hustlin’ pushin’ weed or pills or whatever but I don’t see how that shit will appeal to young girls listening to hip hop. That shit might actual be real for some of these MCs on here but I’d rather hear why selling dro is even in option. How come you gotta sell drugs? I didn’t hear to much about chics and their “pussy” tactics. You can get offended or whatever but thats real. Its been know that female rappers use “pussy” to sell records but the thing is that shit don’t sell no more. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; in order for a female MC to sell records you need these young females today to want to be like you. It’s about to be 2007 and chics need to re-fine their content and stop trying to spit to dudes.