Brandi Garcia & Monica – Southern Stilettos R & B

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The Stilettos are Southern, the R&B is fresh and Ms. Garcia is back in your CD player. This time she brought Monica’s sexy ass to the party on some official hosting type shit; I can dig it. Speaking of Monica and sexy ass…naw I’ll keep it respectful but its good to see home girl hitting the mixtape circut and who better to giver her some shine than Justo’s Female Mixtape DJ of the Year. At the very end of the day it’s always all about the promo and who can give you the most “positive” shine.

“U Wanna Touch Me” literally makes me want to touch Nivea; track is smooth as hell. Re doing an Akon song you can’t go wrong. Did she say her love was “like a cod fish?” Hahahaha, word? My love is like a naked mole rat on crack. “Never Been Real” is my joint people. I’m loving how they flipped that Gangstarr record and it’s good to hear Chinky other than on some Mobb Deep shit; get ya shine on girl. I know you heard Nazarine lace the verse too, she’s on the serious come up. Is that Jon B? He got the little stalker theme going with “Watchin Her”. Monica got some ol polished sounding shit on “A Dozen Roses”. I was diggin’ the Curtis Mayfield sound on the hook. Honestly I can’t fuck with Brooke Hogan on some singing shit but I’d def fuck Brooke Hogan; sorry but it’s true. “Like a Boy” is a hit but the shit is a little weird if you ask me. Hey as long as you don’t pee standing up it’s all good. Monica killed “Sideline Ho”, that shit was classic. Monica dropping jewels on the “ho’s”. It’s would be proper to have Monica host your shit and not play “Don’t Take It Personal”.

Go get that Monica album, The Making Of Me, if you haven’t already. In case you want to know the CD was sponsored by See Brandi stays with a sponsor; you other mixtape cats can’t even keep up with that. Ms. Southern Stiletto is maintaining her top spot in the game; were’s the female competition? I guess she took them all out last year and no one has stepped up to the challenge.