Brandi Garcia – Southern Stiletto’s Vol. 7

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It’s always a good day when you get a new CD from Brandi Garcia. One of a few female mixtape DJs that “get it” so to speak. Plus she’s got a sexy ass voice and if the radio/DJ thing doesn’t work out she could easily transition to phone sex queen of the south. Huey is hosting and truth be told I didn’t know much about dude besides that song “Pop Lock and Drop It”…which in all honesty got drilled into everyone’s head via the radio. He does however sound like a cool dude so I might have to check out the album at some point.

“Ay Bay Bay” is all hook man, my daughter sings this hook like it’s the best thing out…ah the power of the radio. “I’m Da Shit” by DJ Blak is well…da shit. Cats are making anthems with ease now a days and this track is no exception. Ray Cash is the man, fuck that shit, his next album I guarantee will be a problem and I don’t even need to hear the music to know this man. “Gwop Gettaz” has a lame hook but Ray on the verse is all assholes and elbows. Did dude say “penitentiary meat” in “Wipe Me Down”? Hell no, I feel gay just typing that in the review…is this a D-L gay anthem? Things to think on people before you start singing this in the club. Question. What the fuck is Loon and T-Pain doing on a song together? Loon took one to many shovels to the head to put out “Who Is Dat” Over at Rapmullet we’re still bumpin’ the “Hood Ni99a” remix with Jeezy and Gorilla Zoe. Zoe had a nice lil buzz going but he didn’t capitalize on it…can we say the label fucked that one up? I think so. I couldn’t really get into “When I Hustle”, not my type of track…to soft but it’s got potential in this R&B; world that’s now called Hip Hop. One of the best parts of the mixtape is Castro (who?) on that “name dropping skit”…straight comedy. Dude dropped so many names and big figures you just know he’s riding in a Ford Fiesta with a bad paint job. He said he had a strong buzz but he doesn’t release his music. Classic…hip hops on it’s last leg with this cat. I never heard the “Takin Over Remix” before…no lie. Lil Kim did her thing, bars were mad simple but I was impressed none the less.

Dead ass real music as a whole is real weak lacks substance and barely makes you want to shake you ass. That’s evident on this mixtape too. The Brandi Garcia formula is the same, the skills are the same but the music itself is just not as good as it once was. There are def some good moments on the mixtape and to his credit Huey was a good host but when a “skit” is one of the most entertaining things on the project you know the music is lacking.