Bully – The Night Before (Mixtape)

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Welcome Bully to the Rapmullet review section. I took a lil break on the artist reviews, hell I took a break from reviews period but your boy is back, still tired, never stopped working really you just didn’t see it. Bully hails from Naptown, that’s Indianapolis for you extra slow mutha fuckas out there. It’s always interesting to hear a mid west MC cause the influences vary and you can always hear a little bit of every type of hip hop flavor.

I think more MC should into their shit like Bully did. He was on some “hello my name is” and I’m from such and such, and this is my mixtape. Simple, to the point, it holds you ear and makes you want to see if he can back up the talk. “Rap’s Rapper” was a nice mixtap flip…”Fuck with my dinero / or the folks that I care fo’ / I fry a ni99a wig and show ’em off at the hair show.” The flow is straight people. While we’re talking about flow, def peep “The Other Side”. This is that mid-west pimp shit I’m used to hearing. This track right here lets me know Bully has the potential to back up that talking in the intro. One of if not the most well rounded track on the mixtape. Bully can flip a concept too. “Sounds Of The Police” is deep and eye opening without being preachy. I could say the same about “Lost Ones”, which has Bully getting into the story telling aspect of the game. Nothing like a good story to get your message out there to the people. I’m diggin’ the verbal skills on the “B.U.L.L.Y” remix…just straight rhyming over some fly shit with some cuts on the hook. Sound wise “DrumKilla” is a good look. I hate to say it’s Jazz infused but it’s similar to that on some 2007 Stetsasonic type shit…again the cuts on the hook were lovely. My favorite track tho was “Good Guy, Good Story”. This is the track that sums up Bully’s whole style to me and I think a lot of cats can relate to it as well. I could say more but you’re better off listening for yourself.

As a cohesive Artist mixtape this joint is cool. It does what it’s supposed to do in showcasing Bully’s MIC skill and what he has the potential to do. Me personally I have the joints I like and the joints I hit the FF button on. Rhyme wise, bar wise, flow wise, wise wise….lol…Bully got some shit. The main reason I gave this joint three tapes is not that Bully can just flat out rhyme or flip a mixtape beat, and he can tho, it’s cause he’s just doing him. He said in the intro he’s not back pack, he’s not a gangsta, he’s not a conscience rapper ect but you hear those elements, those influences, that upbringing in each song and the culmination of that is him…Bully. In a 2007 where MCs “try” to be something they’re not to “get on” it takes balls to just flat out be yourself.