Burns Luciano – American Gangsta

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A big Rapmullet.com review welcome to Burns Luciano…producer…former pro wrestler…ect. Not only will he produce some hot beats he will have you in a figure four leg lock tappin’ out like beeeyyyyooootch!. I received over the last five days 27 “American Gangsta” remix mixtapes. True story. I won’t be reviewing all of them, that’s for sure. I am going to pick four or five and this is the first joint right here. Keep in mind “your gangsta is not defined by how many rocks are in your watch but more how many rock you move while on your watch”….LETS GO!

The original album American Gangsta by Jay Z is set up like a movie, it’s a story and musically if you’re remixing this album it essentially is a movie score and that is the first thing I hear when I listen to this project. Burns Luciano scored this properly. I’m big on music that has a “vibe” to it and well he captured the vibe of the whole thing from beginning to end. “Pray” has a big sound, guitars sounding large and the beat is essentially lacking any knocks to it but the instrumentation rides with the vocals so well you wouldn’t know the shit was a remix. You can say the same thing about “American Dreamin”. The beat is so crisp you think it should be the original, the shit was so well done I was hanging on every note to hear how the shit will end. That’s quality production right there. “No Hook” lag a little…or should I say didn’t pop off as well as the joints before it. It could be the sample but when the joints previous sounded like they could have been the “real” production for the songs, this sounded more like a blend. “I Know” has that bounce and at the same time is dark as hell; perfect vibe for Jay’s bars too. In my opinion, “Say Hello” is the best joint on here. When that piano drops….ahh man forgetaboutit. The flute or horn or whatever that is on “Blue Magic” is crazy too. That shit is oozing and dripping soul.

I haven’t listened to all the AG remix mixtape/albums but close to 80% of them and Burns Luciano got that A+ production that stuck the vibe of the lyics to a tee. There is no possible reason why Mr. Luciano shouldn’t have some major album placements in 2008. You gotta love mixtapes.