ByrdGang – M.O.B (Members of ByrdGang)

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Why do you fuck with Dipset? Me…I fuck with a select few members and well the beats are always on point. Byrdgang is a group if you asked me last week if I fucked with them I would have told you no. Now that Stack Bundles is down I have to check em out and I’ve said it before he makes this group what it is. Mel Matrix? Naw homie he ain’t cutting it, that’s a side line MC right there. Max B? We’ll get to him later. Jim Jones? He sells that fly gangsta lifestyle like no other MC out right now, I can’t front on that.

Speaking of selling a lifestyle, case in point is “Reppin’ Time”. This is Jim Jones at this best with the whole “foreign cars and 30K in his pocket”. He’s speaking to suburban kids everywhere and got them amped the fuck up. Shit is funny but true. I can’t decide which joints are better: “Ya Dig” or “Do Bad By Myself”. “Ya Dig” is that dramatic shit with a movie score sound and Stack Bundles is at hitman status with that murderous flow. “Do Bad By Myself” got a whole different vibe to it, laid back, decent hook that’s a little catchy. These two are the best tracks of the CD hands down. Is Max B the new Nate Dog? Why all the singing/harmonizing? Now before you think I’m a Max B hater I’m not, he’s decent but there were way too many hooks of him harmonizing on this CD; it made the shit bog down with the same old sound over and over hook wise. Take a track like “Crunch Time”, you got Stack Bundles getting busy over the “NY, NY” beat and then here comes Max on some “crunch timmmmeee, ducking one timmmeee”. Naw man shit got repetitive at this point in the CD.

Will Byrdgang pop off album wise? Hell yea, the formula is built for success. Jim Jones is doing his 1-2 thing, Stack Bundles coming through murdering anything that moves, Max B on the hooks and Mel Matrix bringing up the rear. Sprinkle in a JR Writer feature or Hell Rell or Cam or 40 Cal and boom 250,000 albums sold. Like I said above and before Stack Bundles makes this group what it is, you can hate it or love it but that’s the truth. Lyric wise, street wise it was all Jim Jones now its Stacks game to win or lose and by the sound him on this CD he winning. Mixtape wise the shit is cop’able, it was held back by too much Max B “joe-hooking it” and just an overall repetitive sound but it’s got some classic verses and it’s gotta be part of any Dipset Mixtape collection.