Cambatta – Visionary Two

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It’s been four score and at least a year and half or so since the first installment of this mixtape series dropped. That project was a killer. All I remember from Visionary was bars, bars and some more bars. Dude was an MIC animal…similes, metaphors, wit, slick shit and a flow that was on the verge of perfection. Part Two picks up right where Cambatta left off.

“The Re-Introduction” was needed and I love how that sample was flipped in the beat too. “The artificial insemination of rap, the birth of a new breed, earths got a new seed”. Man you can hear that hunger. My joint got to be “Stoopid”. I got a thing for violins and Cambatta owned the beat. “Out of this world shit, E.T.’s diaper”. See those bars right there are as slick as they come. If you don’t rewind this joint you must have no hands. Nino Bless appears on “Good Ol’ Days” and him and Cambatta on a track is like a weapon of mass destruction. “Little prick your a dick in a cold pool”…damn. And Nino said “ya’ll should have never popped like a rape child’s hymen”…that shit is so disturbing that its true ill rhyming. lol “Show Me Love” knocks like Sheriffs serving warrants. I love where Cambatta when with “Unstoppable Bullet”. If that isn’t storytelling then I’m stuck on Dr. Suess. Cambatta on a Jaisu beat is always a good look. “Without You” got a vibe that balances out the lyrical prowess and keeps your head nodding.

As far as lyrics go I’m taking Cambatta. He melts MICs with ease and keeps you rewinding shit. That’s what it should be about. Put some dope production behind it and get yourself a neck brace. He can hold his own as well as out shine any MC. Unfortunately he seems to fall into the category of “ahead of his time” which doesn’t work well in 2010. MCs with half the talent getting more shine. We could blame it on consistency but honestly hip hop is backwards right now so I’m not surprised. I’m just hoping there will be a Visionary Three.