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The 2007 Reginald Dennis Email

So I wrote a Hip Hop Journalism is dead piece in 2007 and a couple months later I got the

Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected – Poetic Prophets (Nas X Mobb Deep)

You know Big Chew had to crash the Poetic Prophets party with a proper mixtape review. Truth be told I

Curren$y – Here

I love projects like this. 5 tracks, no filler all potent joints and he’s not scared to rhyme over some

Chuuwee & Sundown – The Millennium Falcon

Picture Princess Leia in her prime laying on her back buck naked and you’re about to put the tip of

The Middle Man

Avoid the middle man at all costs. That includes signing with a major record label. They are essentially middle men

Cambatta – Visionary Two

It’s been four score and at least a year and half or so since the first installment of this mixtape

Rain – The Magic Hour

To be 1000% honest with you, Rain is 1000% better than a whole lot of these so called “buzzin” MC

Meyhem Lauren – Clarified Butter

Interesting title. Caught my eye right away which a good title should. Mayhem been doing his thing for a number

DJ Lil Raskal – Creative Freedom: Lil Wayne Blends

I think I just saw Big Foot and E.T. walk in the room cause low and behold we have us