Category: Dope Man Interviews

Big Lou Interview

Chew: Big Lou whats the good word? Lou: Ain’t shit man. It’s been a few years since you Street Certified

DJ 2Mello Interview

Chew: Ahhh, The Infamous DJ 2Mello, what a gwaan sir? 2Mello: ahhhhh ketch Chew wid di yardman style!! yes bredrin

Nino Bless Interview

This is just a quick interview with Nino Bless. Getting the word out he’s about to lace ya’ll with some

DJ Bedtyme357 Interview

Chew: Bedtyme357, one of the busiest in the game, how’s things? Bedtyme357: It’s quiet like usual, but things have been

Sic Osyrus Interview

What’s good Mr Osyrus, welcome to Rapmullet Good evening. That’s that grown man thug shit. Tell us about ‘Sic O

2ew Gunn Ciz Interview

What’s goodie 2ew Gunn, let the world know who you are. 2ew Gunn Ciz aka the Rap Vinny Chase aka

Nard & B Interview

Rapmullet: What’s good Nard and B? Introduce yourselves…let the people know who you are where you’re from and what u

L.E.P Interview

What’s good L.E.P? For those unfamiliar with the movement, let everyone know where you’re from and a little bit about

DJ Smooth Denali Interview

Big Chew: What’s going on Smooth Denali? Let the people know where you’re from and how long you’ve been doing