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The 2007 Reginald Dennis Email

So I wrote a Hip Hop Journalism is dead piece in 2007 and a couple months later I got the

The Middle Man

Avoid the middle man at all costs. That includes signing with a major record label. They are essentially middle men

Mixtapeology: Part 1…Branding

(note: if you make mixtapes for fun or for the hell of it please stop reading here. This information is

Friend Chasers

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year. Its good to see our readers are healthy, “back in the building”,

Slow Go On The Logo

Upon a number of people hitting up my email, requesting I post some “knowledgeable” mixtape/hip hop information and thoughts on

Don’t Believe The Hype

“Some say I never heard of ya / A rap burglar, false media / We don’t need it do we?

Is Their a Gap….?

Do you think there’s an age gap between hip hops older and younger generations? You may not know it, but

How Many MCs…..

How many MCs do you think are out there in the world today? Go back ten years and I bet

Why Do They Need My Addy?

As a DJ, how many times has your local mixtape spot been raided? How much did it cost you when