Category: Artist

Curren$y – Here

I love projects like this. 5 tracks, no filler all potent joints and he’s not scared to rhyme over some

Chuuwee & Sundown – The Millennium Falcon

Picture Princess Leia in her prime laying on her back buck naked and you’re about to put the tip of

Cambatta – Visionary Two

It’s been four score and at least a year and half or so since the first installment of this mixtape

Rain – The Magic Hour

To be 1000% honest with you, Rain is 1000% better than a whole lot of these so called “buzzin” MC

Meyhem Lauren – Clarified Butter

Interesting title. Caught my eye right away which a good title should. Mayhem been doing his thing for a number

Boy Wonder & Two – Rock X Soul VS Cocaine Flow

Don’t let the names fool you, these MCs are bringing bars right to your dome piece like a coked up

Noah Jones – Cinematic

You know I love me any type of Cinematic mixtape but to put that in the title you gotta come

Mista Mista – No Greater Love

Don’t get it twisted this isn’t a mixtape, this is an album and yes we do review albums. I’ve been

Triboro – Carpe Diem

I gotta be honest…I’m loving what has been coming out of NYC in the last couple months when it comes