Category: Blends

Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected – Poetic Prophets (Nas X Mobb Deep)

You know Big Chew had to crash the Poetic Prophets party with a proper mixtape review. Truth be told I

DJ Lil Raskal – Creative Freedom: Lil Wayne Blends

I think I just saw Big Foot and E.T. walk in the room cause low and behold we have us

Rob E Rob & Ron G – Blazin Blends 7: A Legends Legacy

What do you do when a Legend sends you a link to his mixtape on DatPiff? You download it but

DJ Dub Floyd & DJ Lil Raskal – Swizzaland

First and foremost if you’re not creating exclusives, breaking exclusives, breaking artist or creating one of a kind mixtape concepts

DJ Lil Raskal – Summer Pimpin’ 5

I love me some summer pimpin people. Can’t say I’ve been fucking with blend mixtapes lately, things in that genre

Ali & Grand Larceny – Mixtape Masterminds 3

A big shout to Ali for this one. He did his thing putting the blends together. Kaos committed a double

DJ Cinema – The Stimulus

If there is anything that needs a stimulus package right now it’s the Blend Game. Shit has been dryer than

Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected – Wu Tang Clan: Executioners From Shaolin

I love these types of mixtapes. You have to listen to them 6-7 times before you really “hear” everything they

DJ Danny Dee – Michael Jackson Blends

Welcome DJ Danny Dee to the Rapmullet review section. Shout to Six Six for sending this project my way too.