Category: Exclusive

Big Mike – The Rulers Back 2K10

I used to love to get a new Big Mike CD. That’s how you would get to hear new shit.

DJ Rated R & DJ Woogie – Return Of The Potent Product

I was a lil upset that Diggz wasn’t apart of the return of Potent Product cause he’s a good dude

DJ Diggz, DJ Lust & Evil Empire – Purple Krushed Kush Pt. 2

It’s been a minute on a new mixtape review right? I ask myself once a day…are mixtapes even relevant anymore?

Evil Empire, DJ Lust & DJ Diggz – Purple Krushed Kush

I’ll take some Purple Kush over these generic ass pause tapes all day every day. Give me some sort of

DJ Envy – Codeine Overdose Vol 5

First off just let me say…fuck Atlantic Records. Now that that’s out the way what do you think DJ Envy

DJ Rated R & Big Tobacco – The Cartel Gathering II

They’re gathering again people. You know who, it’s that exclusive music that we rarely see and hear today. La The

Big Mike, DJ Lust, LA Profecy & DJ Diggz – Civil War

Nothing like starting a Monday morning off with some block music. You know that shit that’s all blunt shavings and

DJ G-Spot – Midwest Invasion 10

The invasion continues, as DJ G-Spot never stops doing what real DJs do. There’s too much talent in the Midwest

Big Mike & DJ Thoro – 4th Quarter Pressue Pt. 3

It’s been a minute since I listened to a Big Mike mixtape. I need to get up on that “new”