Category: Hip Hop

DJ Two Stacks – The Total Trappage: Best Of Lex Luger

No bullshit. I had to google Lex Luger…and I see he’s a producer. Hahaha. Don’t mind me people I just

Skillz, Jazzy Jeff & J.Period – Infamous Quotes

Is it me or did this mixtape get criminally slept on? I’m saying tho, two of the best DJs around

DJ Wristpect – Bridging The Gap 4: T.O. to V.A.

Shout to DJs who really DJ. Clubs, on ya mixtapes, whatever. I’m saying that shit really is a lost art

DJ Books (The Thieves Theme) – The Dark Man X Chronicles Pt. 1 & 2

I love the timing of these mixtapes. To be honest I can’t remember the last time I listened to DMX

Southern Style DJs – For The G’s & The Hustlers

It’s hard to call a mixtape “classic” these days but I do what I can. I don’t fuck with but

DJ Dolo – Troop Movements 4

Hallelujah! A project has been submitted that is actually mixed. All praises be to DJ Dolo. He’s like that lil

DJ 2Mello & The Labor Department – The Remix Killa!

I’ve gotten quite a few remix/blend mixtapes in the last week and it’s a beautiful thing. First and foremost with

DJ Rated R & Big Tobacco – The Cartel Gathering 3

I don’t fuck with too many compilation mixtapes as of late but this one right here been in steady rotation.

DJ J-Ronin & DJ Snips – All Elements: The Freestyles

Can I get a mutha fucking freestyle please? You know some shit that wasn’t on a blog or every other