Cau2g$ – A Rappers Worst Nitemare

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I’m glad to see the Riot Squad going extra hard with the music and the movement. The world of mixtapes will always remember Stack Bundles and his contributions to the game. Now the Squad will have to step up and rep his memory to the fullest while taking what Stack had already accomplished to that next level.

Cau2g$ is one of the slept on MCs out the Squad which also makes him one of the most dangerous too. That intro was something serious…talk about setting a tone for the mixtape, damn. “Run Laps On ‘Em” has that raw energy, that shit that leaves imprints in concrete. “Riot For Life” got so many raw lines….”I’m smooth, I make statues move”…shiiiiiit. I wasn’t really diggin’ the hook like that but the bars on “Flow Of The Century” is that hit the block with caine music. I mean is you’re gonna sell some shit this is your theme music right here. As far as the mixtape tracks go…take your pick; “Farrock Star”, “Who U Think Better” and “U Wouldn’t Get Far”…all quality mixtape flips that you cop mixtapes for in the first place. Do make sure you rewind the Clinton Sparks produced “A Load Of Me”. Now this is a hook I can fuck with, Cau2g$ laced this shit like a vet as well as spit explosives on the verse. “G’s Go In” is pretty much self explanatory; crazy anthem for crazy ass cats. “Roll Call” is that lift you off ya feet music, that shit to put a dent in your chest.

Personally I needed the boost this mixtape gave me man. That Riot Squad vibe is too real, if you ain’t catch the vibe then you’re either really gay or you’re not a hip hop fan. Cats just raw rhyming over raw beats…the true essence of this shit. Much respect.