Ceasar – DEFinition Of Empire (Hosted By DJ Vlad)

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Welcome Ceasar to the Rapmullet review section…yadddamean! Vlad was killing me with that drop. lol The original production blend mixtape makes a return. I actual have gotten a couple of projects like this is the last week or so. If you ask me it’s one of the best ways to showcase your beats, vision and skills as a producer. Add to the mix an actual “concept” and cats are well on their way to making a niche in the mixtape market that is literally wide open right now.

The way “We Drop Bombs” starts off is ill. Jeezy sounded the best of this joint, Fab…ehhh he needs a prettier beat; something softer. lol Tru Life and Nas on a track would be a nice lil colaboration. Tru Life to me got lyrics but they get over shadowed by his antics. The beat for “The Bad Guy” was cool, it complimented the vibe of the vocals well. I thought he could have done more with that Scarface clip tho; “You don’t have the guts to be what you want to be”, I love that shit. Beat wise “Stick Up” is the wheel. I don’t like that vocal although Freeway is always intense. Beat could easily be album material for any MC, I’d like to hear more of those piano keys that hit at 1:44 into the track. That would work for the break down if you ask me. You have to love the buzz “New Jersey Drive” generated. Websites and DJs claiming exclusive when in fact it’s really Ceasar hooking it up. Goes to show you he’s on his game and the people def want to hear some new Budden. I haven’t fucked with NORE since the “War Report” so “Heavy Metal” was all FF for me. I def dug the vibe of “We Miss You”. Shit was crisp, simple and effective. The best beat on the whole CD, to me anyway, was “Block On Smash”. This joint has potential and Fab did not do it justice…the horns were crazy. The other joint that could possibly do damage is “Ladies Love Me”. LL sounded like a champ on this, the song just fit…bottom line. “I’m a Boss” was that do dirt music. Ceasar needs to hook up with some MCs in the south cause Ross and Jeezy sounded tight on this one.

Vlad did his thing on here for Ceasar, can’t front he added his lil element to it and kept shit moving. Not too much and not to little on the “hosting” duties. As a whole I think I enjoyed Ceasar’s production more than the blends he hooked up. Jeezy, Tru Life, Budden, and Freeway sounded best to me. The sound is synth heavy, but it wasn’t heavy enough to heart my ear and get me FF shit. There was def a blance of synth and samples which def showcases the diverity in Ceasar’s production. Like I stated above with the “concept” of the CD, this may become the new standard for beat CDs. It shows an eye for detail and the fact the producer may actually able to PRODUCE instead of just making a hot beat. Things to think on…yadddamean!!