Charles Hamilton – The L Word Mixtape

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It’s the Robert Guillaume aka Benson Du Bois of the rap world people. Rejoyce, he just dropped another free download mixtape. I’ll be honest, I heard maybe two songs from this cat in my life. He came off as a label whore but what do you expect from a kid, he doesn’t know any better. The day this dudes album comes out is the day African Americans get their 40 acres and a mule from Uncle Sam. The label knows that but the artist remains clueless. Wake UP!

Ok, first thought listening to the first track of this mixtape (Ring Around The Rosy)…”people actually listen to this corny mutha fucka?”. I’m just being honest, don’t get mad. I like how they flipped the beat tho, that shit was fly. Matter a fact the production is dope throughout. I think this was the wrong Charles Hamilton mixtape to review, seeing as this one is def targeted for the females. One thing that bugs me about Benson aka Charles is that laid back flow. I mean I can admit he’s got word play but that lazy ass I don’t give a fuck flow doesn’t cut it for me. You can bounce it and flip it and call it “swag” but it’s just lazy to me. Best two cuts on here were “DSW” and “Women Hate Women”. DSW for obvious reasons has that classic vibe. Bars wise Charles is honest with it, I can dig that aspect. Women Hate Women is cleaver, still that laid back flow didn’t do the track justice. I mean get some inflection in your voice, a lil animation or something. Cats aren’t as cool as they think they are.

It’s good to be different and original, especially in 2008. I’m all for breaking that cookie cutter label made money making at all costs hip hop formula. Thing is tho, the labels are getting hip to the game, switching the style up. You can see it by who’s been getting signed lately. They’re looking for originality, individualism ect and once they sign it they water it down and next thing you know you’re the same as all the once fame’d “individualistic” MCs you came up with. Fuck a label, they don’t know what their doing now anyway. Class of ’09…we shall see.