Chong Wizard – Blessing Season

Welcome back Chong Wizard to the Rapmullet review section. It’s been a minute or a decade or something. As I’m slowly creeping back into what the fuck is going on with our old Rapmullet fam it appears there’s only a handful of people who are still doing their thing. Chong Wizard is one of them.

I was aware back in the day Chong Wizard was a producer and a DJ of course but this album right here impressed. Not only that but his Chong Wizard Records has been going in for years over on Band Camp. I watched this Alchemist interview where he talks about basically having his own micro-brewery and he sells his music direct to consumers. Chong Wizard has been doing that same thing for years. Making and selling quality products and art directly to the people. I must give that man his props and wish him continued success. Truth be told what he’s built is inspiring.

With all the business acumen accolades out of the way lets swan dive into Blessing Season. I’m familiar with a couple MCs on here. I started listening to some Chris Crack music about 6 months ago and I remember Nickelus F from those vintage Rapmullet days. Chris Crack has a cantankerous voice, I like it and he shines with those over the top bars on the impassioned beat that is Watermelon Just Sweet Cucumber. The saxophone on A Moment To Myself made me want to put on a smoking jacket and surround myself with many leather bound books. Nickelus F still on his game, slow flow was type lovely if I do say so. I feel like I heard SonnyJim before, I mean he is the rap Macgyver so it’s quite possible. I appreciate Chong Wizard giving some shine to UK MCs. That loop was dope and the vocal at the end of The Only Way was majestic as hell.

Of the instrumentals on the album, I Dont Play Dat had that knock that I love. The Main Attraction had me contemplating life, reflecting and zoned out. My favorite joint was Best Thing I Do. I can hear any number of MCs going in on this one. That shit was fire.

I really like the cover art too. The color scheme, the balance. The fact it doesn’t contain the title of the album but describes the album perfectly. I would hang this on my wall if given the opportunity. Chong Wizard in the BandCamp description called this album a chill soulful calming soundtrack to life and I think he nailed it. I mean he knows his own music. I got some very heavy Curtis Mayfield vibes throughout and that is super impressive to me. Any time you can channel that human being and elicit some reflective and emotional responses you’ve done the damn thing.