Chozen Few – Well Connected Well Respected Part 2

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Welcome Chozen Few to the Rapmullet review section. Shout to Big Mike, Diggz and Rated R for hosting, mixing and keeping shit on point for the mixtape. We always gotta keep it funky like fat bitches thongs up in here and most that been reading know I’m most critical of the artist I think have the most potential. With that said…Chozen Few aren’t really heavy on the net. I mean with most artist projects I get I like to do some research. As corny as it sounds “Google me” is the program.
I’m looking for links to video’s, interviews, myspace, a website anything that can give me some info on the artist. Chozen Few was def lacking. I peeped a HHG interview from 2006, found the website:, caught the video’s they had up and seen a myspace page with Tom as the one friend. None of those spots had a bio either. No link on the twitter page either. I mean the focus might not be on the internet but I can’t stress enough that if someone on the street peeps your latest project, they dig it they will most likely Google you and if the info ain’t there that’s a potential fan lost. I’m pretty “net” savvy so I don’t think I missed anything online either.

Internet aesthetics aside. Musically I heard some great things on here. “Murda Raps” with Uncle Murda is as hard a track as I’ve heard in a minute. “Know Dat” got a nice lil bounce to it. Snub on that high caliber flow shit, kinda laid back with a dash of pimpin’. The hook needs work but I love the potential in hearing them flip a track like this. I mean this is raw ass street music at the core so the block was most def hugged with joints like “Apply Pressure”. Shit was a lil more up tempo but left dents in the concrete and then some. “Still Frozen” is the anthem of the project. Laz laced that hook like a vet. Punch lines were slick too…”Jack Bauer, 24s on the Benz wagon”. On that true school mixtape music shit “CF Bangout” was strong like bull. Too many bars to quote but the whole gang went in…”we ain’t got no a-rab money we got the guns tho”…classic.

I love the rawness of the project. It’s def some street shit without question. Bars wise the punchlines are there, the slickness is there. I’d like to hear cats challenge themselves more beat wise, play with the flows maybe even flip a concept track here or there. I know cats get it in on the pavement so give the people some stories…the good and the bad. The online shit can be squared up with the right guidance and some time. They got the dope ass Kaos cover so slick is covered visually. Cats need that with the street tho, the whole 360 degrees of the game with that net presence and power moves is exactly what they’ll be doing.