Chuuwee & Lee Bannon – Hot N’ Ready

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Chuuwee can rhyme. I was taking extra breaths for dude as he was rhyming. I love shit like that. Lee Bannon laced him with the production too. The project is 9 tracks deep which is right where you want to be with a mixtape/album now a days. “6 Feet Deep Pt. 1″ is easily the best joint up on here. A perfect marriage of beat, flow and word play. Chuuwee said “shit I be spitting is like pins and needles, and it should probably be illegal half the shit I spit from my cerebral, so keep stunting like you Evil Knievel they’ll find you body on a ski doo in the back of your cathedral”. Man…I’m telling you.

I gotta say tho, flow wise Chuuwee stayed about the same on every track with the exception of “This One For You” which was that slow flow. Had his head down driving to the hoop going hard as hell.

My sleeper track is “Super Nigga 2010″. I had to rewind 5 times just to get all those words in. Shit played out like an album but most def could have shined that much more with a proper mix from an actual DJ. High light the punch lines and the crazy shit that came out Chuuwee’s mouth. Besides that ya’ll need to keep your ears open for Chuuwee and Lee Bannon on the beats. Hot N’ Ready to blow up.