Chuuwee & Sundown – The Millennium Falcon

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Picture Princess Leia in her prime laying on her back buck naked and you’re about to put the tip of your dick in her pussy…that’s almost like listening to this project. Obviously I’m taking some in her prime Leia pussy over this music but Chuuwee and Sundown brought it all to the table with The Millennium Falcon.

I can’t say I ever heard of Sundown before this project but I’ve been a Chuuwee fan for a minute now. His Watching The Throne video is classic. Bars Ginsu sharp. As well as the Joe Jackson track which has been on repeat for months.

Sundown produced this whole project and by the sound of the Curtis Mayfield sample on “Back To Tatooine” he’s got a dope ass ear. The imperfections of “I Remember” make it what it is. Chuuwee coming in early with his verse then flowing like a mad man….I guess the weed did kick in. Beat wise “Attacking The Clones” stands alone like a hooker at the policemans ball. No hook and Thee Tom Hardy and Chuuwee trading bars like grizzled mic vets. The sleeper hit of the whole project has to be “They Better Run”. Hook is catchy while Sundown offers up some from the heart lyrics. Peaks and valleys people. I dug how Sundown flipped the “Weekend Girl” sample. The weed kicked in on this track too I suppose. Chuuwee said: “I’m out of pocket and beat the kitty till its out of socket”. I still think Ro Blvds flip of Norman Connors “Starship” for U-N-I is the best one but Sundown did the sample justice too on “You Are”.

The Millennium Falcon works because of the chemistry Chuuwee and Sundown have. No way around it. I’m expecting some big things from Sundown production wise and I can appreciate the heart on the sleeve bars as well. I don’t read music and I’m far from a linguist but something about Chuuwee’s vocal tone over a Sundown beat just works. I don’t know if its the key that’s right but it sounds dope. Lyrically Chuuwee is a king waiting to be crowned. If you peep his flow you can tell he’s already mastered that shit too. As long as he stays fucking with Sundown and has proper production sky’s the limit.