City Haze – City Lane

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Welcome City Haze to the Rapmullet review section. He’s got DJ Modesty mixing and keeping shit moving. The skills are proper I can dig it, he was even beat matching tracks which is rare on an artist mixtape.

You can tell by the Intro City Haze hails from Brooklyn. Good to see Modesty got some shine to show the skills too. First track to catch my ear and rewind was “For The Record”. I dig the way the beat builds and the way the hook flows over it. I gotta be honest. City Haze’s sound reminds me of Jim Jones. I hate Jim Jones too. Not to say I hate City Haze but he’s got a little of that laid back too confident type style. I mean Jim Jones is a flabby boob on the MIC but he gets over by O-D’in on the swag. City Haze borders on swag rap at times but that may how he really rhymes. Not sure. The boy Phene slides thru on “Hustlers Music”. Def the most polished track on the project IMO. I think Phene brought the best out of City Haze to be honest. His bars were insightful, honest and authentic. “The Big Knock” is infectious and giving “Hustlers Music” a run for it’s money as the best track up on here.

City Haze doesn’t have that monotone flow but his energy stays pretty level throughout. I think I was expecting some variety. The majority of the tracks were somewhat mid-tempo, laid back, casual flow type shit. I needed some energy or at the least some more emotion. The content is there and DJ Modesty did a hell of job putting the project together and making it flow. I really think City Haze needs to challenge himself. Get some production with some high ass BMPs. Get angry, let that raw emotion out cause not everyone is cool as a fan 24 hours 7 days a week.