Clinton Sparks & Busta Rhymes – New Crack City

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Where do I start; the fact that BUSTA basically dropped a separate album or the fact that CLINTON SPARKS produced damn near every track on this street release? I’ve never held my tongue when it came to CLINTON’S production. In the past I’ve described it as quirky, but in BUSTA he may have found the artist that compliments him. No one has ever mentioned BUSTA among the “top 10”, but is there a more versatile mc in the game? Whether you be from the South or the East, when you have a hot track that you want to remix, who else comes to mind? Everyone talks about the lack of longevity in the Hip Hop, but BUSTA has been around since ATCQ was making music as a group (in its entirety).

This is one of the most difficult reviews I’ve ever written, because honestly there isn’t anything like it. There is no precedent for “NEW CRACK CITY”, because no one has ever gotten an artist to release an entire mixtape with all new songs (not freestyles), while producing the majority of the tracks. Think of it this way, we’ve (Rapmullet staff) have taken it into consideration when a DJ was able to get a high caliber host (not a drop) for a mixtape. What kind of consideration do you deserve when you actually get the artist to craft “exclusives” for you?

Now don’t get shit twisted, you can’t gas DIMEZ with a bunch of hype! You have to give me something to nod to and there was enough of that material as well. “SURVIVAL” may not be one of BUSTA’S best lyrical appearances, but CLINTON couldn’t be avoided on that one and he usually does well with a vocal sample. “FLIPMODE BITCH” was another outstanding effort by CLINTON, although “NEW CRACK CITY” wasn’t without CLINTON’S usual bullshit. I hated “UNTOUCHABLE”. He used that beat before and I wanted to push pause then! I’m a NY head to the end and I couldn’t help but fall in love with “HOWEVER YOU WANT IT”. If you’re from NY, you have to remember the summer that this instrumental hit. My cousin had the Suzuki Samurai with the kit and “yookers” were all up on it.

Not all of the production was flawless and neither were the rhymes, but this was undeniably a trend setter. Mixtapes are about promotion (or so they say) and I’ve never seen an artist release an albums worth of material for a mixtape! Rapmullet receives so many mixtapes that we can honestly say that there isn’t an idea or a concept that we haven’t seen in some form or another; until this one. On another note, “JUST ANOTHER DAY @ THE RANGE” by the late J DILLA is an incredible record and if you didn’t celebrate the man as a genius producer, please do so now!