Crown City & DJ Rated R – Take Em 2 War Pt. 2: The Insurgency

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Take Em 2 War part two got anthems people! And a crazy ass cover too! Why the masses sleeping on Crown City is beyond me. I’m saying tho if you still don’t believe then you might be deaf or at least really really slow. The talent will not be denied. I was three listens deep on this joint and I was thinking classic. I mean cats got Cormega to shout them out and Rapmullet. That’s big, me being a hard core Mega fan and all but I couldn’t let the bias shine. Lol as near a classic if there ever was one tho.

Doo Wop owned the “TE2W Pt. 2 Intro”, can’t front. That man needs to bless the MIC more often in my opinion. “This is my rifle, this is my gun…”, shit was ill. “Warriorz” is without question an anthem. Def got that militant vibe and when the hook hits you’re ready to take on anyone. “Wherever We Go” is that head nod. Truijillo strong as ever lyrically. Cam thugged it out as only he can do on this one. I gotta mention Rod Da Blizz too. “The Insurgency” made me shut it off half way thru cause it was too much. One of if not the hardest tracks of the year. Wow, no bullshit. I don’t know if he produced that too but cot damn man, take it easy on cats! Willie Maze giving ya ears the flu on “Cold Summer” Shit sounded like a soundtrack to a movie. “Bring It” got Willie Maze and Evil Eye trading bars. Maze flow crazy on this while Evil Eye gets her “5 Star General” on lyrically. Gab Gacha adding some balance and smoothing it out a lil bit on “Funny Sensation”. I like how he flipped that concept with the hook and all. While we on concepts, Trujillo over that “Boys of Summer” flip was dope. I can’t lie, I had “Crown City Tradition” on rewind the most out of all the tracks. Something about it man, the beat, Cam’s flow, the realness…take your pick. Can’t have a mixtape without some true mixtape music. That’s where Consep comes in with “Niggaz Talking Shit”. That’s how you own another cats beat. If you’re not up on “The Blackout Show” you’re def not about ya bars.

Shout to DJ Rated R. I mean he does what a DJ does…he brings the best out the music. The hosting part is so natural for dude its scary. Add in the bring backs, the cuts and you got a proper artist mixtape. The only time he let it get away from him was on “Cold Summer” but the song is so dope you don’t really give a fuck. Listen. No I really mean listen. You need to listen to this. Only if you appreciate lyrics over dope beats. If you don’t cool, keep it moving…if not tho…listen. That’s the best advice I can give you. Crown City got talent. Every MC featured goes in at some point on the CD. You’d be lucky to get that from artist once a year let alone multiple times on a mixtape.