Crown City – One Way Or Another

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Is Corona Queens in the building? Well…Rapmullet isn’t really a building but we building. That was my one jewel of line for the day. Welcome Crown City to the review section. Just so we don’t forget, shot to DJ JCNY, he’s hosting and showing some skills on the project. I like the title to this shit; One Way Or Another. Cats is gonna make shit happen one way or another and you gotta respect that. Let’s do some mixtape algebra real quick: If X = Talent and Y = Grind what does X + Y = ?…….a bangin’ ass mixtape.

“City Of Cream” is bold way to jump off the CD. The beat for “NY, NY” is often forgotten but one that makes mixtapes potent. Gab Gacha owned this shit too, the flow is serious. Trujillo picking up the pace on “Pardon My Back”. More MCs need to step up the BPMs and air out there lungs like that. Camiliano is polished MC people, you can hear that shit on “Whateva U Want”. He got a little word play going on but the confidence on the MIC is shining through. If we talking about potential singles, “Ride Out” got that potential; from the beat to the unity of the flow from all three MCs. This is the first track that got that complete sound to it and got my head nodding. The best true school mixtape track was Willie Maze on “Do It Tonight”. When I heard that beat I thought to myself “if he on that crack music shit he losing” but he spit to the broads in club and it worked out lovely. Plus he sang on the hook and it sounded fly; not many MCs can pull that off. Skee got that straight forward style and the most unique voice on the whole CD. He did his thing on the hook for “Sittin Sidewayz” plus he’s gonna “leave out the club with your bitch Papo.” True to form the sleeper track is the last joint on the CD: “Hold Up Hold Up”. That beat is classic, I’m not gonna tell you what beat it is but just know that Skee and Trjillo were born to roll.

One thing I’ve noticed about the mixtapes I’ve gotten from “groups” is nine times outta ten it’s some banging shit. The balance is crazy on this joint. I say balance cause you got your joints for the block and you got your joints for the club which don’t sound forced at all. You ear doesn’t get worn out on one sound cause each MC got their own style. That shit isn’t easy to accomplish cause most cats who rhyme together like that end up sounding similar. Considering the soundscape of dolo MCs today I gotta think the “group” thing has to come back around in 2007. It’s Crown City people…open ya ears for the future.