Crown City Records & Dub Floyd – The D.R.A.M.A Initiative

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I’m all for the DRAMA initiative, sign me up and lets weed out these people who have no business fucking with Hip Hop. Crown City as a whole is slept on in my opinion. Lyrically they can fuck with any crew out and they’ve put in their work. Camiliano, Rod Da Blizz, Gab Gacha, Evil Eye, Willie Maze and Trujillo, I mean they got some shit. Dub Floyd on the mix too and you got yourself a solid ass project.

Its rare that an artist mixtape starts off with one of the best tracks but”Gaffenology” was the perfect track to jump shit off. You get that head no factor and the lyrics straight forward with no chaser. The Jimmi Kendrix produced “Where Ya At” should come with a neck brace. Evil Eye’s flow was liquid of that joint too. Gab Gacha had one of the tightest verses of the year on “Blackout”. It was in the Rapmullet Trap House Player for over a week, shit is tight. Gab said: “hotter than south Ghana in June without water”….damn. Trujillo got the unique voice and style out the crew. “Hungrier Than Ever” is just that, a hungry ass track. Willie Maze bringing back memories with “Pimp Like Me”. Sounds mad comfortable on this joint with that laid-back flow. Rod Da Blizz flexes the MIC skills like the vet he is on “Mr. Goodbar”. This is mixtape music at it’s best. He said “eat a dick, have a drink and be merry” lol… Dub Floyd killed it with the skills too, that’s how you highlight a track. Camiliano drops some jewels on “What Can I Do” to end the project. I can dig the perspective homie.

One thing I dig is the chemistry with in the group. That shit is lacking in groups now and even tho, they all don’t live in the same areas ect that chemistry is still there. I don’t know who tracked the project but there’s balance, no one MC getting more shine than the next and that’s important. I can say there wasn’t one wack track on here and that’s def saying something in 2008. Look for more good music out they camp because the D.R.A.M.A Initiative doesn’t stop with one mixtape.