Curren$y – Here

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I love projects like this. 5 tracks, no filler all potent joints and he’s not scared to rhyme over some old beats either. Not only that Curren$y always seems to have perfect timing. Remember timing? Its the difference between a project getting a buzz, keeping a buzz or getting absolutely no buzz. The difference between fucking a hot bitch or going home to beat off in a dirty sock. Who drops new music during the superbowl? Someone who knows what the fuck they’re doing is who.

Stand out cuts gotta be “#cruiselife” which is bout a smooth as the horn in that classic beat. Fuck a hook. Hot beat playing just fucking rhyme. That’s the formula I dig in 2012. You can put the track “What Da Fuck” on his Momma. Lol, he caught a flow there I never thought it was gonna end. Another case of hot beat playing just go in over that shit. The jewel of the whole project is “Livin” tho. Talk about painting a picture with your bars. And the hook is the epitome of Jet Life.

From the title to the timing to the music to that classic ass monotone flow at some point you gotta think Curren$y may just be a genius at this shit. Ain’t no other way to put it. Now put “Livin” on rewind and enjoy some good ass music.