Custom Made – Heavy Traffic

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Who is Custom Made you ask. Six, Bluff, Element, Scoobs and Aneek make up the LA group dropping Heavy Traffic. I wanted you to know their names so we can break down who’s doing what and doing it well and who might need to step their game up and/or get smacked around in another Rapmullet review.

To me the mixtape should have jumped off with the “Welcome 2 Heavy Traffic(Interlude)” then with “Classics”. That was first joint that caught me ear too. I think the hook could of used some work but that cat Element went in like a starved pit bull on that beat. Speaking of hooks, “Bloody Nights” was fresh and the beat got that head nod to it. I was diggin’ the energy on “This Ain’t Us”. Cats trading bars showing that chemistry…I like that shit. You can tell dudes been around one other for a minute and compliment each other well. My favorite joint up until now gotta be “Officer Down”. Shit just game together on here; the beat, the sound clips on the hook, the concept…just an ill track to vibe to while you peep the story being spit. “LA Raw” has that scratched hook (cuts were tight) I was looking for on the previous release. This track most def deserves some more mixtape love. Again Element doing his thing, shinning like a mutha fucka. Six got his shine on with his verse on “Raw Been Felt”; didn’t really dig this hook either. Besides “LA Raw” and “Bloody Nights”, “Reality” was the best collaboration. I just dug the overall sound. Smooth sample on the beat, sounds like a classic break for the drums and cats just went in over it raw rhyming that reality.

If there was one MC who truly was shinning thorough the CD it was Element. Dude is intense on the MIC and he’s nice with the words too. As a whole the project was classic Custom Made music. The interludes tied in well with the following tracks and you got pulled into different vibes and messages throught the mixtape. The main thing to me tho is cats keep their style and sound unique. There’s nothing out right now like Custom Made so for a mixtape fiend like myself the balance this project provides is crazy. The Street Cinema series doesn’t stop man.