Custom Made – Truth Be Told

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They say the truth shall set you free and they are right. The problem with the truth tho is that it doesn’t always pay well. Look at all the “rappers” now a day who rhymes about things that are far from the truth. They are getting paid while spittin’, calling it “entertainment” and the “artists” who rhyme about the truth continue to struggle. “They” used to call it reality rap and you have to wonder right now who’s reality are these mainstream artist rapping about? Certainly not the people in the struggle. The mainstream media used to say reality rap was a direct reflection of what is going on in “the street”. Is that still true in 2007? Obviously not but with a group like Custom Made…the truth will be told.

“Gutta Rap” is exactly what I was talking about above. “Reality Rap”…this is the shit going on in L.A. The hook was a little choppy flow wise but the content is where Bluff, Scoobs and Aneek stay winning. “07 I See” is that polished track with a vibe to sustain the whole year. If you can’t relate to this track I can’t help you. Like Element said in his verse…”this is the soundtrack to my life”. Scoobs is the constant on damn near every track on this project and his word play is shinning like a mutha fucka throughout. Hands down one of the most potent verses I’ve heard in a minute was Elements verse on “Hop Life”; and I quote “Mom turned me to an orphan / leaving a mess / Dad said crack was the only reason they met”…damn. I’m a super lyrical type cat so you know I was fucking with “Crime Connection”. Cats beat the shit outta this track and dropped many jewels in the process; Element got a strong MIC presence. Beat wise “Round Here” brought that soul to project. The vocal sample says it all, I would like to have heard more of their hooks in this format to be honest; maybe some scratched hooks too.

I think as whole Custom Made is perfecting their “sound” well. You can def hear the progression from when they dropped “Sidewalk Mind Talk” till now. Lyrically strong as ever but musically a more well rounded sound. If I had to pick one thing overall that would need a tune up it would be the hooks. I think cats shy away from vocal samples (for obvious reasons $) but that’s an element of hip hop that needs to come back to the forefront of music. I’m sure they could go back over their old catalog of music and pull out some bars to chop and have scratched that would add to their sound. If you want lyrics people it’s out in L.A. Custom Made style.