Delo – The Warm Up

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Welcome back to Bang On The Table Productions. It’s been a minute, but I hear cats are getting their bread; doing some large things and making it happen…props. This time out the box we get to hear Alphabets new artist Delo as he drops the warm up to his album aptly titled “The Warm Up”. Just so cats know Delo is from Detroit, him and Alphabet went in and did this mixtape in one take and without further ado let’s see what good.

“We Walk Detroit” is cool…you can hear Delo’s potential…that beat (I Get Money) is like a used tampon at this point in the game, was probably fresh when they recorded it tho. “Track 4” is cool on some off the top of the head type shit…the word play is there, rhyme was kinda hollow but the potential is growing. “Child Of The D” is crazy man, this is how you know the cat Delo is official. Delo had a nice flip of “White Girl” too; he showed some versatility with the flow. The beat for “Song for Man” was dope but I don’t think it fit Delo’s voice at all. Could have just been the vocal mix but it wasn’t’ working for me. “Goin Out Buckin” was fly on some dramatic shit.

The “one take mixtape” def did its thing. It was short track wise but it worked to their advantage and gave you a glimpse of what’s to come on the official street album “I’m Popular”. The skits/video clips were dope, conveying a message for the up coming songs plus they had a nice balance of original joints vs mixtape flips…just enough for me to be checking for Delo’s music in the future and that new album. Mission accomplished.