Demolition Men – Nothing But Slap 2

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The DMEN are back with nuthin but slap part 2. I was kind of anticipating this mixtape because the first one was straight fire! With the bay takeover sneaking up on the hip hop game the DMEN play a crucial role in injecting the bay sound into these eastcoast non believers. They happen to be the only cats from the bay doing it on a national level. Not to discredit other djs from the bay doing it big like Rick Lee, Dj Backside etc etc.

Well anyways lets get to the main point, the mixtape. DMEN started off the tape with that old school bay sound mixed with the new school. Too Short over that beat on “Blow The Whistle” was FIRE. I find it funny when cats say the bay has no lyricism and is a replica of the south, but for the 15 so odd years we were lyrically on point no one was payin any attention. After so many years of knocking on the door with no answer it was evident that a change of sound was necessary to get people would listen. No one was listening when we had cats like RBL Posse, Dre Dog, old school E40, Mac Dre and Too Short, 3X Crazy(Keak Da Sneaks old crew), Mac Mall, etc etc. Anyways, DMEN kept it moving with some Keak. The beat for Contact Sport was heat. Then 40 water hits you with more bay area slang on “Bullshit”. Husulah, Rydah and Mac Dre held down the best track on the mixtape with “Wild Night”.The mixtape ended the same way it started off, with Too Short “spittin them rhymes way up in the bay” Too Short came correct on “I Wanna Pimp You Hoe”. The tape is filled with a mixed variety of the hottest rappers/names from the bay. If you are a fan of Bay Area music/sound than this is definitely a mixtape for you.