Demolition Men – Nothing But Slap 5

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I love this mixtape title and the series as a whole. I’m telling ya’ll, there is a serious resurgence coming from the west right now. It might have always been there but its bubbling something serious right now. Quality artist being supported by quality DJs…the east could use a lesson.

If you don’t already know Demolition Men got skills. They know how to bring a track back to perfection. As heard with “Game” and “Keep Pushin”. The beat for “Game” is the shit by the way. “Bout My Money” is a true anthem. Yukmouth beasting on this track and when the hook hits…forgetaboutit man. Guce had me rolling with “Yeahh”. Just listen to him intro the track and you’ll know what I mean. He’s hosting this joint to and rightfully so. Big Rich doing his thing with “Out With The Old”. He’s got that crazy presence on the MIC. Guce with that laid back shit on “Voice Of The Streets”…I can dig it. Keak da Sneak sliding thru with that mixtape music over Nas’ “Street Dreams”. “Front Of Yo Mommas House” is where he really shined tho. The track I had on heavy rewind was “You’ll Never Understand” by The Jacka. This is that track cats can relate too right here. “Chipped Up” is my sleeper track. That beat annoyed the shit outta me at first but it grew on me by the time it was over.

There’s a few DJs out west pushing the limit and shinning the spotlight on these artists that deserve it. Demolition Men leading the pack in that respect. You can call it slap, you can call it bangin, you can call it doo doo brown if you like but the bottom line is its just good quality music.