Demolition Men – One West

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Ahh shit. Mixtape DJs tuck ya chains…Demolition Men back at it again. They got Glasses Malone sittin’ shotgun with the hosting too. They trying to bring that unity to the coast and it’s not a bad idea to be honest. If it’s one thing cats should learn from the South, they def support their own.

No lie I listened to “Bullets” by Nipsey Hussle and The Game like 20 times. I love how they cut that shit up too. Tell me that hook doesn’t get you amped the fuck up? I dare you. Not only that Nipsey paints the illest picture too. “Earl” by E-40 grew on me. That shit is straight head nod material. I’m listening to “How I Fuck Wit It” and that sample in the beat sounds like some old Love Boat shit. I’m diggin’ how they flipped that, reminds me of some old RZA shit. Plus that track is an anthem waiting to happen. Hardest track up on here might just be San Quinn with “3rd Eye”. He dropped knowledge on that joint too. The bass in “Cocaine Cowboys” had me open. They flipped those movie clips too while J Stalin freaks that laid back flow. The jewel of the CD tho is “Blowin Up” G Malone and Mistah FAB got some shit off their chest fo’ real. Balance gets some shine with “I’m Good”. Def the most potent colabo up on here.

I can appreciate the skills that Demolition Men bring to each project. They’re the king of bringing it back properly, that’s for sure. I wish we could get more DJs on that shit, it’s not cliche, ya’ll are just lazy. This right here tho is just a solid bangin’ ass mixtape. No other way to put it. Cats need to get up on the One West movement too, before that shit rolls right the fuck over you.