Dexterity & Beenie Man – The Official Best of Beenie Man

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It’s been a long time/I shouldn’t have left you, but I was smoking that sour diesel with this fat “yooker” that lives next door! Is it me, or do JAIMAICANS seem to like their women with a bit more dough in the bakery? Before dudes try to get me arrested, my peoples are TRINNY, so you know the kid is not a racist! Anyway, back to my JENNY CRAIG queen/she was a dream/and that BEENIE MAN made her polish the crown for the king. After that relaxation, I decided to step to the computer and put the “Rapmullet youth” (that was supposed to be written in patois, but I didn’t think you dudes would understand) up on this reggae joint!

Artist mixtapes are nothing new these days. Shit, dudes you never heard of can be co-signed by one of the elite dudes in the game for the right piece of change. It’s something special when two of the best at what they do combine. Think DRAMA & LIL WAYNE, or STYLES P & BIG MIKE and then you have to look at the history of these two participants. DEX has done shows with the LEGENDARY RON G, when “DOWN WITH THE MIX KING” t shirts was in your local mixtape shop and you know how long BEENIE been doing his thing!

The UNEXPECTED intro jumped it off like VIDA in some of those boys boxer shorts. “BATTY MAN FI DEAD” is a world premier, but it was the classics that had me open. “GIRLS DEM SUGAR” took me back and I don’t even want to tell you what I was doing then. There was something for everyone, but I would have liked to see BEENIE freestyle like the Hip Hop artist do on their artist releases. The genres of music are so similar, it wouldn’t have been a stretch. I got a little tired of the “FUNKMASTER FLEX syndrome” (bomb drops), but that’s typical of reggae joints.

There is something for everyone and the KAOS cover makes “THE OFFICIAL BEST OF BEENIE” a must for those who love that rude bwoy sound. Classics, new shit, a real host, a banging cover and an intro that’s straight “fish grease” (thanks QWASIAN) is almost everything!