Dexterity – Deadly Silence (Hip-Hop Reggae #11)

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If that wasn’t a grand ass intro I don’t know what is. When Dexterity drops a Hip Hop Reggae joint he’s like E.F. Hutton…people listen. Not only can you count on the skills you can count on some real exclusive shit and one of the best overall mixtape “packages” in the game today aka cover work, shrink wrap and CD printing. I’d tell the mass of DJs to take “notes” but cats now don’t know their ass from their elbow so I’ll just let Dexterity keep murdering you silently.

If you read the reggae reviews I do you know I can’t fuck with Elephant Man but Dexterity breathed new life into “Dun De Place”…along with Biggie’s “Dead Wrong” as well. I’ll listen to Lady Saw all day…even with Mim’s one hit behind her it’s a straight head nod. You remember I said exclusives right…peep Beniton on “Hype” to see what I was talking about and the flow is wicked too. Same for Mr. Rich on “Who Dem Waan fi Dis”. One of my favorite joints is “Nuh Nyami Nyami”, that’s a classic mixtape flip even if it’s the Lafy Taffy beat. If you can’t get your bounce on to this joint, you might a leaper scared your limbs might fall off and shit. The “Come Around” remix flips Paul Wall, Cypress Hill and Shaggy over that track to name a few…loving how shit echo’s out after each verse too; syringe sold separately. Weed smokers unite over this remix. Bounty Killa beats you in the head with clout on “Killa” borrowing the beat for “I Get Money” on the mix. The joint I had a repeat tho was Beniton’s “Bust Me Gun” over classic Alicia Keys…this is that mixtape music people. It wouldn’t be proper for me not to mention, “You’re A Ho”. Trevor Off Key did his thing like a vet. “I bought you champagne and you gave me brain”…lol

Hip Hop and reggae go hand and hand people. It’s a perfect marriage when you got reggae over hip hop beats and vice vesa. Dexterity is know for quality mixtapes with every drop and Hip-Hop Reggae #11 is no different. His place in the mixtape hall of fame has BEEN solidified; this project is just the icing on the cake.