Dexterity – Official Best of Sizzla

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“Dexterity ready for the war…war…”. That’s gotta be one of my favorite drops of any mixtape DJ. Its not even used on here but I just had to say that. You see the title says “official” and truth be told there isn’t anything that Dexterity does or puts out that isn’t official. I fuck with Sizzla, you fuck with Sizzla, lets peep the best of.

When I think of Sizzla, I think of that rugged raw and real shit. I’m not gonna give you mad highlights either. If you follow dude you know what to expect. On the new tip tho you gotta peep “Solid As A Rock”. That’s the classic vibe right there. “Marijuana” is still my joint.(no pun) I could listen to that track all day. Not only is the song fly Sizzla breaks it down to the very last compond. On that high energy shit you can fuck with “Pump Up”…the equivilant to an MC rhyming his ass off. The same holds true for “Gun Shot A Buss Pan Rapid Everyday”. Sizzla setting the booth on fire and then some. At this point if you haven’t decieded to cop this mixtape you might as well see if ebay has an old copy of the Snow maxi single “Informer” you fair weather reggae fan. lol

This project as a whole is just want you want on an artist mixtape. Some new, some old, some “rare” and the classics. Dexterity gives you all that, the mixing and the fact the shit is official. For the slow people out there go directly to and purchase that realness. “Dexterity ready for the war…war…”. I never get sick of that.