Dexterity – Reggae Classics 3 & 4

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“Lord have mercy”. Man, straight up I fucks with Classics 3 a little more than 4. This is what I call classic Reggae, hands down. I don’t claim to be up on new Reggae music but what is going on man? Why don’t we get classics like this anymore? I probably don’t listen to Reggae enough to know but I haven’t heard anything like what’s on these CDs. If you’ve never listened to a Dexterity CD you need to pick one up on GP, especially if you dig the classics.

We gonna roll call some artists off Reggae Classics 3; Sister Nancy (Bam Bam), Shabba Ranks (shit, pick a track), Super Cat, Chaka Demus & Pliers (Murder She Wrote), Cutty Ranks (Limb by Limb) and Buju Banton (Ring the Alarm & Wicked Dickey). My sleeper joints are “Burrup” and “Dem A Bleach” by Nardo Ranks. I can bump Classics 3 from begining to end, no bullshit. If there is one Reggae CD that got stuck in my whip I hope it would be this one.

Don’t get it twisted people. Classics 4 is no slouch. “Budy Bye” Willy Chin remix is spliff-tastic if I do say so myself. Barrington Levy, Spragga Benz, Terror Fabulous, Beenie Man and Reggie Stepper round out this CD. Oh yea def can’t forget “One Blood” by Junior Reid, classic people.

Peep this, both CDs are mixed back to back to back and Dexterity gives you just enough of each track to get you open before hitting you in the head with the next classic. I’m not ashamed to say that I cop’d a ounce from the spot last Friday and I’m bout to roll up to these CDs all weekend. You know what else? I’m had a “Trailor Load A Girls” come by the crib last night too except my version is called “Trailor Load A Yookers”. A couple of cave bitches (as Dimez calls them) an O-Z and a case of Boones Farm; bitches was naked and popin’ pussy all night. See ya’ll on the next review!