Dexterity – Reggae Madness 2K6 Vol. 1

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It’s straight madness people, reggae madness that is. Dexterity is reggae to me. No lie. If you say reggae the name Dexterity pops in my mind. It’s like one in the same. There are other reggae DJs that do their thing but none as long as Dexterity has been with mixtapes. I don’t care what ya’ll think. Call me a reggae mixtape DJ hater. All I know is since I started cop’n mixtapes I’ve always seen Dexterity’s name and were going back to 1992.

I gotta be honest with cats, I don’t like Elephant Man. Again slap that label of reggae hater on me if you like but I find him annoying as hell. Aight, I feel better now. Fuck the fluffy shit let’s get into some Riddims. For all you happy go lucky reggae fans the “Global” riddim is all you. I’m in a good mood so lets have some fun and “In Di Place” is just that. My shit is the “85 Riddim”. I fucks with this sound like no other. I love the “thump, thump”. Make me want to stomp on the gas pedal in my ride. The only other riddim that was holding my ear was the “Bill Back” joint. Shit was cool, I don’t think I was in an ass shaking mood but the other joints would do just that. Although I am in the mood for some sweaty punanny. lol

It’s a Dexterity CD people; you know what it’s about. Quality projects time and time again. It’s really nothing to him too. Hit the studio, hit up some artists, badda bing, badda boom, couple new mixtapes hit the street. You know what I wanna see? I wanna see Dexterity do more collaborations. DJs need to get together, even on some reggae shit and colabo. It’s good for reggae and it’s good for the game in general.