Digital Product – Check My Blends (You Ain’t Got These) Vol. 1

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Man the blend game has fallen the fuck off. People have to realize the exclusive is dead. Stop chasing your tails and find a different lane in the game. I don’t know what is going on because for a minute not too long ago that’s all you could find was creative mixtapes. Now, I’m gonna have to figuratively rock someone in their nose bone with a review. It’s not gonna be DP though but thank god he’s hitting us back in the head with some blends and it’s more than a welcome change.

The “Chevy Ridin’ High” blend got a little swashbuckle to it. Yea I said it, “Swashbuckle”. Swagger is dead, now your shit got to have some swashbuckle to it. (arrrrrh I’m a pirate,lol) Who is Wes Fif? I’ve heard him before but his verse b/w “War” was oven like. DJ Unk and Lil Yola got me ready to swing on cats and then we go into a Letoya Luckett blend? Ehhhhh, where did the vibe go? “Cash Flow” is a hit man, both the original and DP’s blend. Eve sounds brand new. Blended with “Kushn’ N Pushin” gave it a smoother, soulful feel. Worst part of the CD was the Chingy/Tyrese blend and that LL Cool J shit. Especially that LL Cool J blend. That joint felt like Method Man smacking you with a spiked bat. DP brings it back though with Young Capone b/w “Nah”; easily one of the best blends on the CD. I’m telling ya’ll watch out for Young Capone. “The Format” three beat blend was cool, nice work. Same with Cas and Remy Ma on Call Me. Gave that song a whole different sound, I can dig it. I still fuck with the Termanology blend too and I def liked the approach on ODB’s “Baby I Got Ya Money”.

For the first time hearing DP on some blend shit he did a great job and it’s def worth cop’n. Technically speaking the blends were on point, that LL was a little suspect though. DP is blending the transitions which is always a good look and his sound quality is top notch. I think for this release it just lacked a little direction as an overall project; not really a concept or theme to it, just a collection of blends. Look for more quality music from DP, I will be