Dirty Hartz – It Is What It Is Vol. 2

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B-More people show some love and welcome Dirty Hartz to the review section. Cats need to step up thier marketing though, mixtape cover? I didn’t get a cover I got a pamphlet/press kit with the CD tracklist on the back. Maybe they ran out of covers, who knows.

“The Heartz Is Hear” is nice way to introduce all three MC’s. One listen and you can tell these cats are polished MCs; flow, style and lyrics is already there. First track to really hold my ear was Slixta on “Whip Ya Ass Boi”. Right out the box he coming with a crazy ass story on some stick you for your re-up type shit. Verb battles himself on “Young Verb Vs Get Em Verb”. Not a new concept but a nice way to showcase the battle skills and both Verb’s was getting it in. You wanna know who won? Gotta get the CD and find out for yourself. Speaking of Verb, he murders “Cannon” with the word play. Slixta comes back strong with “Slixta Won’t Stop”. I love this beat man and he said “got me nervous like Michael Jackson around white boys.” Shit had me rollin’. I can’t forget about J Hussein, his best joint to me was “John J Boost”. His flow was sharp on this one plus he threw in a little word play with some meaning. Besides the first track, collectively their best song was “Back To Collect”.

I def like what I’m hearing from Dirty Hartz. As a group all on one track they play well off each other and they all sound natural as opposed to sounding forced like the group Boyz In Da Hood. Their solo features are just as potent because they can all individually hold it down with no help. Verb is punch line heavy, spitting that witty fly shit. Slixta can lay down an ill story and got a little added swashbuckle to his MIC game. J Hussein can rhyme, I think he suffered on his solo cuts from poor or over used beat selection. Keep ya ears open people, DJs ect holla at Dirty Hartz for that hot shit, www.myspace.com/dirtyhartzonline.