DJ 1-Mic – Return Of The MCs Vol. 1

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DJ 1 Mic steady on his grind. Its refreshing to see a cat study the game and apply what he learns all while helping move the culture forward. He’s got Gawdbless riding shotgun and you know he’s gonna have a presence on the MIC. Its also great to see people supporting each other MCs and DJs both coming up.

Gawdbless literally “Gets It In” over classic Camp Lo…the flow is liquid. “Pain” is one of my favorite Styles P joints…J. Garfield on the beat too is great look. One cat that constantly gets slept on is Blaq Poet. Peep “Ni99a Ho Bitch” and then ask yourself “why have I been sleeping on dude?” The message in the rhyme is clear as day. O.C. still got skills people. “Marquee” has that classic word play, while the hook game is as good as ever. I’m def a fan of Joell Ortiz. Dude came up and then some…can’t wait for his new mixtape drops. Till then I’ll fuck with “Exactly”. Tragedy Khadafi still got it too…although I think the production on his latest joint was kind of weak at times. “Deja Vu” is still smooth as hell tho. “Grindin’ 2K7” needs to get some more mixtape love. Sin and Gawdbless laying down that realness as they trade verses.

1-Mic got that eclectic track list…all good music…all quality MIC skills. It’s most def the road less traveled but it’s a welcomed sight in this game right now. Personally I want to say thanks to him for that Big Daddy Kane at the end…that shit caught me by surprise…more good music. Look for 1-Mic to step it up in the 4th Quarter.