DJ 1Mic & DJ DVS One – The League Leaders Pt. 2

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I see some mixtape cats are od’n on the “exclusive” releases. Like if you drop 20 mixtapes from February till the end of March cats will automatically hand you a Justo or some shit. Or it’s an excuse that if they don’t win an award they can say “well I dropped 20 mixtapes in the last 60 days, how is that not grindin?”. Thats those cats who have no concept of balance, track list flow and just flat out good music. It’s not JUST about consistency it’s about dropping good music consistiently. (I can’t strees this enough). That’s what cats like DJ Diggz and Rated R have been doing and it’s what 1Mic and DVS are starting to do even more this year.

Billy Danze is hosting which is to the average Lil Wayne fan might not mean much but for the real heads, it’s a great look. Geolani and Lady Lyric with a lil freestyle to jump shit off I can dig it. “God Bless & Good Night” is classic M.O.P. sound..that energy, that slap a snot bubble out ya nose music; and the hook is catchy too. I blessed the cats in the local weed spot with a copy of this mixtape and damn if cats didn’t hit me up that night for another copy cause someone jacked it. That’s the ultimate test for some exclusive shit in my opinion. I’m not a fan of Fabolous at all but cats had “Fall Back” on constant rewind. Busta on “It’s Over” ate that Fab track alive if you ask me. Busta has a couple crazy mixtapes about to drop too…don’t sleep on him. I had to FF that “Roc Boyz” remix. The joint was creative but that beat is like watching the same T-Mobile commercial over and over during an NBA game on TNT…it’s annoying! Jadakiss obliterated “Welcome To The Roc”. If you don’t get the urge to lite up when this comes on then your not human. Nas continues to drop jewels for the masses. “Ghetto Rich” should open third eyes all around the world. That Skyzoo is classic mixtape music or shall we call it jacked youtube music. I ain’t mad at it tho cause Skyzoo is that dude and the audio quality was straight. “Get Rich” is that shit on the low man, cats sleep heavy on this type of shit but I had it on rewind like a fiend…Hi-Tek on the beat. Illa Ghee with “Hello” and Termanology with “Who’s The Nicest” was my favorite part of the mixtape. Illa Ghee setting the record straight and Termanology proving he really might be the nicest out right now. I’m diggin’ how Montega laced “All We Got Is Us”. Flow is cripy like corn chips and funky like a fat girls thong. Then Montega and Dramills trade bars with “Shoot Niggas”. This is that true school do dirt music people.

I have to be honest with it, I was personally leaning towards 2 1/2 tapes on this one just because the Fab joints killed the shit early for me. Thing is tho cats I fuck with in the weed spot weren’t hearing it and I had to give some points on that shit. One dude try to tell me the shit was classic and I had to tell dude he should stop smoking that shit he’s selling. The main selling point to me tho is the balance of joints by the big dogs (Nas, Jada, Busta), the new school lyrics (Termanology, Skyzoo, Geolani, Dramills) and everything in between. See some DJs will try to play all their hot shit in the first 8 tracks but if your ear is really tight you can find MCs who have just as good music but don’t have the name yet to compliment those 8 so called heat rocks it enables you to turn out a bangin’ product. And the game continues.