DJ 1Mic – Get Down or Lay Down 3

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I think DJ 1Mic should title his next mixtape series…”All I Need Is 1Mic”…strictly for the ladies, old and new R&B; a little mixtape diversification. You mixtape cats can’t forget the ladies when you’re building your fan base. Regardless, 1Mic got Starr Mina riding shotgun on this project. The first time I heard her was on a 1Mic mixtape so I guess it’s only fitting that she hosted some shit.

I know I’m not the only one looking forward to the new Beanie Siegel album. “He’s Back Snitches” was short but it was dope. Beans sounds focused…now if he can only stay off those drugs. Starr Mina goes in on “You Know What It Is”. Finally an MC uses that T.I beat; she did her thing tho…with that steel vagina flow. I’m fucking with Freeway on “Transporter”. This track is full of that raw energy. I wouldn’t call it a hit but it’s dope mixtape music. Jakk Frost spits with clarity, I like that shit. It’s straight forward and to the point and he def gets his point across on “Hip Hop Music”. Wiz Khalifa drops soulful bars on “All In My Blood”…that straight head nod. I like everything about “Money, Guns, Drugs” except for that hook. The shit is cliché’ as hell. The beat was dope, the bars were dope, the hook was somewhere around ’98-’99. Crazy vocal sample on “Troubled Times” which let Hood Fella go in real serious and turn the track to vegetables. Honestly, Larceny Family didn’t do “Cool Like Dat” justice. Cassidy was cool but those other cats, including Drag-on were all clock radio speakers. If you’re not fucking with Big Lou by now you’re late the MIC party. He was def “Jackin’ For Beats 2k7”. I’m glad 1Mic played that Stat Quo freestyle “Bring The Pain”. Stat Quo is one artist that knows how important the mixtape DJ is and you got to show that love back. 1Mic got a couple sleepers at the end too. Hitchcock and Hard White on “My Block” is type nice man. The beat got a lil bounce to it and Hitchcock did his thing like he never left. The other cat who impressed me was Journalist with “50 Bars”. Dude can def rhyme and he flips words like a grizzled vet.

You know what I like best about this CD? It sounds like how a mixtape is supposed to sound. I know that sounds fucked up but it’s true. 1Mic covers all his bases for the most part. He’s got Starr Mina hosting, a relatively unknown MC…That’s def mixtape. He’s got “regional” joints that are hot and under the mainstream radar…that’s mixtape, he’s got freestyles and he’s playing music that you can tell he enjoys listening too…that’s mixtape. The formula is def bangin’ and it’s a diverse collection of skilled MCs. With that said I still think 1Mic’s best projects are a head of him. You build the consistency, which he is doing now, and eventually you catch that break where you get all the right music, break the right artist and get over the hump. When that happens things start to click, the mixtapes are easier to produce and all those doors that seem to always be shut start to open.