DJ 1Mic – Get Down or Lay Down Vol. 2

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Welcome DJ 1Mic to the Rapmullet review section. 1Mic is an avid supporter of the Rapmullet message board and we def appreciate the support. He’s also a member of the “good mixtape music” conglomerate, not playing what everyone else is playing even tho he has access to those so called “exclusives”. Too many mixtape cats take the easy way out and 1Mic is riding that road less traveled…seeking out good music that fly’s below the so called “exclusive” radar.

Is New York really back? Khaled, Fat Joe, Ja Rule and Jadakiss say so…but really it’s not and won’t ever be the same. Shit…hip hop isn’t back. The white kids in the suburbs don’t believe the artists anymore, too many gimmicks, too much wack publicity, too many horrible songs that no one can relate to. Ahh, let me remove my head from my ass and let the negative go. Jakk Frost got bars tho. That “Jakin For Beats” was indeed “crazy” as the track list says. I need to find some fiends to wash my car for Silver Thunder. The vibe of this song is all mixtape music. Am I the only one who doesn’t think NORE can make a successful come back? “Under the Bus” was O.K. but he needs to leave the spanglish rhyming alone for real. I wish him luck tho. The Game laced “Truth Hurts”, some true lyrical skills…too bad he’s a fucking head case. Starr Mina menstruated all over “300”, old girl is sick…”you a ’91 Corsica breaking down on ni99as” was that line! Lake got a sick hook with “Conspiracy”, shit will have you switching lanes on the highway like a boss. Jakk Frost showing some versatility on “Trouble Child”. Def one of if not “the” realest song on the CD. I’m not really gonna speak on Uncle Murda (Look Here) and Papoose (Come Out Party), just that cats need to keep putting out quality music and feed the streets. I know ya’ll heard “Latin Assassins” but honestly Big Lou is about to do big things…we need some new Big Lou mixtape music right now too. The sleeper track of the CD is A-Pinks and Sha Stimuli with “Colors”…these some deep, lyrical cats that are hungry as hell right now.

This is a good introduction to 1Mic mixtapes for me. He’s def got an ear for the music, supports local artist as well as artist that “need” to be heard. The mixtape series is “Get Down or Lay Down” so we’ll have to see how far he takes it and how well he brands it to the people. I’m all about good music; good business and good branding…1Mic is well on his way.