DJ 2Mello – America’s Pimp Vol 5

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I like to think I’m a pimp in my own mind. I don’t have any hoes working a track though but I get it in when I need to. B-More people, has now entered the review section. DJ 2Melo welcome my dude. I gotta say the title of this joint intrigued me. How is this gonna be some pimp shit? I thought to myself. Is Too Short hosting? No, but that wouldn’t be a bad move. Ahh ok, the track list looks like it has a mix of shit, no pun intended. A lil R&B with some Hip Hop, AP hosting. Hip Hop is def in the club right now and ladies cop more hip hop then dudes, believe that. I can see where 2Melo is going with this. Plus a lot of chic’s like to be pimped in different ways so the shit is working

I keep hearing about these “Street Executives”, keep ya ears open people. Besides Green Lantern on the beat for “Ur The One For Me” I can’t fuck with Nore. Since Super Thug it’s all been downhill. The cool out song of the spring is “I Love U” by Cherri Dennis. Am I the only one who wants to know if Cassie is really as “good” as she sounds? Face down, ass up Cassie; assume the position. “So Amazing” got a stolen flow but with 50 on it it’s a hit. “Get To Know U” is old but the shit is a crazy ass song. Nas laced this, he’s a true R&B don with the verses. A.P. does his one/two thing with NeYo on “When Your Mad”. Not really my cup of tea but you can tell dude got versatility. The shit he really hits in the head is “Please” with Toni Braxton; some true pimp music.

I’m def checking for 2 Melo’s joints from now on. Classic mixtape formula people, I love some beat matched transitions. This is instant “up in your ride” material and the ladies will def dig this. Maybe a little too R&B/top 40 for me but I can appreciate the effort and pimped out mixtape swagger. I’m bout to get some joints on this cat A.P. too, even though he was hitting the R&B tacks type hard you can tell he spits acid.