DJ 2Mello – Believe The Hype

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Is 2Mello back again? Damn, dude is putting in work…the hunger is crazy with this cat. Normally I might tell a dude to slow down, you’re gonna throw your back out or some shit. Note….some of you other DJs reading this could take lessons on how to out work the competition. The track list looks decent but on the real I’m just in the mood to hear some good music MIXED well. Can you dig it?

I’m not a big fan of Eve but she laces the “I’m Good” remix…2Mello on the cuts was a good thing too. “The Reason” was real smooth too. Glenn Lewis making some noise. The seven foot R&B; singer makes his return to glory. Ok well maybe not glory but Montell Jordan on “Me And You” was a lil infectious; some cliché’ as lines in there tho. Answer me this. What does Sean Kingston on “There’s Nothing” know about finding a girl to “satisfy his needs”? Isn’t dude like 15? I feel old right now. Is it me or did Kelly Rowland shed her goody goody image on “Ghetto”? She sounds like she wants you to beat it up and then yell at her to go make you a sandwich and shut the fuck up. I actually like Stat Quo and JT on “Summer Love” then I do that Curtis and JT track they got out. I see Loon is back on that pimp shit with “Back N Da Day”. Get that man a tampon his flow is so soft. I see some familiar names poppin’ up as features. Gutta slides through to add some flavor to “Sweet Lullaby”. Then Brick Saavy does the same with “Donkey Kong” remix. Not really my thing but I ain’t mad at it; cats is versatile. I was fucking with that JoJo reply joint “Beautiful Girl”…that shit was catchy!

I don’t think the music was a whole let better quality wise than on the last 2Mello mixtape but he def stepped it up mixing wise on here so I got to give him the extra 1/2 tape cause the timing was impeccable. Honestly I think it was the tempo’s he was fucking with. Shit was a lil mellow to start but after that every track flowed into the next with ease. I fuck with a whole cd mixed all the way through too. Props to 2Mello for tightening up the skills on this one.