DJ 2Mello – Crown Me King

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There is some quality R&B; music out right now. Song writing wise the game is strong, I think it could use some more soul but regardless quality music is being made. Mixtape wise 2Mello is as consistent as anyone in the mixtape game. Along with the consistency there is a quality product which can only equal one thing….success.

Hood Fella doing his god damn thing on the intro. 2Mello could have just played any song to set the CD off but using Hood Fella on some exclusive freestyle shit set the tone. I wasn’t really into the beat but I can hear the talent in J. Valentine; Snoop lends a quick 16 to the mix but it wasn’t necessary. Emily King got her shit off with “Walk In My Shoes”…old girl can sing. I’ve never been a big Deemi fan but “Summertime” with Maino is growing on me. I can’t remember the last time I heard Soul 4 Real but if Jada is featured it’s worth a listen. “One Man” was smooth and soulful. I was def diggin’ Mary J Blige on the “Do You” remix. This is that instant rewind joint right here…I love me some Mary J. Props to 2Mello for hooking up the Sexy Lady Beat Ride”. I know the MCs in the listening session appreciate it and well cats went in on that beat and owned it. The sleeper track is most def Chaka Khan and Mary J with “Disrespectful”…this track might not be all MTV-ish but Chaka bout to sell some albums to the grown folks. The smoothest track on the CD goes to Mario with “Why”…Mario got the illest song writers man, don’t sleep on dude.

There is nothing better than listening to a continuously mixed mixed tape. It just shows cats take pride in their craft. 2Mello was flexing the skills a lil more than usual too, cuts was tight and the project was flowing type lovely. We always talk about consistency on Rapmullet but along with that you have to throw persistent into the mix too. DJs have to be persistent in pushing their product to not only the masses but the “right” people too. I’m diggin’ that cats are studying the “business” and elevating their game to the next level…success.