DJ 2Mello & DJ Cashis Kay – Power Play R&B 3

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This is a good mixtape collaboration for a few reasons. The first is you got Cashis Kay on the MIC and his MIC game is top notch. His voice rides with the music, it’s not intrusive at all and as it should be it just compliments the sound. He also throws a few blends into the mix which if done properly just adds that much more to the vibe. 2Mello is bringing that new R&B; talent to the table and skills as well. I can’t say I like the title too much but it is what it is.

I can’t fuck with B2K, I’m sorry but those cats get the big FF button from me. “Body”wasn’t doing it for me. “Never Had It Like This” by I-15 was smooth…2Mello def keeping it too mellow. (bad pun). “One Chance” had a little knock to it, was diggin that song. Rock City got a potential hit with “See You Around”; joint is tight. Cashis Kay laced the blends and that “Sexy Can I” had me rocking and I hate that song. That Fat Joe song “I Won’t Tell” is trash. I don’t care what you blend with that shit it’s not gonna matter and it’s not gonna sound good at all. Fat Joe is all done people…gotta flow Joe. If they paid him enough money Fat Joe would probably co-sign real dick riding cause thats all he seems to do from coast to coast. “Supa Sexy” was cool tho, Charlie Wilson still got it.

I gotta be honest, I think the mixtape didn’t reach its full potential. I don’t know if 2Mello or Cashis Kay were holding back either on the new shit or the blends but they could have been better. I got 2Mello’s new project so we’ll see if he was holding out or it was just the music at the time the project was made. The shit is still cop’able tho and Cashis Kay is a DJ to looking out for on the blends in 2008.