DJ 2Mello – Fuck The Industry

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Damn man, 2 Mello is def not diggin’ the industry right now. Can’t say I blame him. I hate that industry shit; bunch of shit talking, no action, wanna be moguls who ain’t doing shizzzznit. The funny shit in 2 Mello’s intro/rant was he used the word “downtrodden” in the same sentence as “Americas pimp”. Shit had me rolling cause most these lames have no clue what downtrodden means but in the end 2 Mello is still a pimp.

I really can’t stand Akon but that mutha fucka can make a hook pop off something lovely. “Gangsta” is growing on me as I hear it more and more. “Bass Drop” gave my rear veiw mirror turrets syndrome real quick, the bass was heavy and molasses thick. Somebody slap me but I’m not feeling Method Man or his Rockwilder beat. “Who I’m Iz” is just sad to me, Meth’s flow is just not what it used to be and his lines be corny as hell for some reason. “bon bon can’t nobody fuck around with jon jon.” What the fuck is that? Is that Akon again? Yup yup with Serius Jones. “On The Block” is aight, I thought dude was a battle rapper? “I don’t wanna hear that bullshit/ I wanna hear that official shit.” Kanye stays with fire beats and concepts. Don’t know how “Impossible” fits on the CD but its hot. Well the official shit is Bossman on “Quiet Storm Freestyle”. God damn he gin-sued the Quiet Storm beat.

This CD is def cop-able but not in the same way his last CD was. Missing is the mixing but there is enough hot shit to keep it in the whip for a minute. 2 Mello is sending a message of sorts, ain’t nothing nice about the music industry though. Just need to have tough skin and a tougher grind. B-More is def making some noise with the MCs out there, won’t be long before more fake as A&Rs; come calling.